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A Passion For Music Ch.2

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Option1 A Passion For Music Ch.2

Post by RachelGoesRAWRツ on Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:36 pm

Chapter 2; The Convention

The next morning, I wake up, to a smell. A smell where you just want to plug your nose and run off. I couldn't stand it. I was gonna try and stop it. I stand up. I my closet. I turned the knob. I couldn't get out. My closet doesn't have a lock to it. I don't remember anything heavy being in front of my closet door. My room is always clean, cause I'm never in it. I started to get angry. I pushed and pushed with all my might, trying to get out. I couldn't. My closet has a light, but you have to turn it on from the outside. My closet was a walk-in, so atleast I wasn't crammed in there with my clothes. I also don't remember going in my closet. The only thing I could think of what happened, was I sleep-walked in the middle of the night, and pushed something heavy in front of the door. I never sleep-walk though. This time, I took a step back and ran into the door to knock it down. I instead, suffered from a big bruise on my forehead. For a long time I kept pushing, until I gave up. I collapsed to the ground and started crying. I still bet my parents aren't home..My room is upstairs anyways, so even if they were home, it wasn't like they would hear me. I then gave my closet door a slight push, and it opened. Cause this time, I used the other door. I got out thankfully, and noticed a big box, that almost looked to be about 20 feet! (not really 20 feet. It's really 10 feet) was in front of the other door. I tried to pick it up and take it over to my bed, but it was so heavy. I pushed it over to my bed instead. There was a sticker on it that said, 'To: Laura From: Mom and Dad' MOM AND DAD!!!! There was also an envelope sitting on top of it. I opened it up, and it was a letter. I picked up my glasses and put them on. The letter read, "Dear Laura, I bet you were wondering where we are. Sorry we couldn't get this in sooner, but just continue reading this. We forgot to tell you, we were going to the music convention in town. We were thinking about bringing you, since you have a huge passion for music, but the train got delayed and had to leave earlier than we expected. Duing then you were at school. I also bet you have tried calling our cell phones...our phones don't work on the train, cause we have no signal. You can try calling us now, cause we just got off the train. We will be coming back on December 4th. Hopefully you got this on December 2nd. Love you! -Mom and Dad' "WHAT!!!!??" I yelled with fury. "THEY DIDN'T TAKE ME TO THE MUSIC CONVENTION!!?? I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO!!!!!!!!" I threw down the note and pounded on my bed. I was VERY mad. The music convention comes only once a year, and they always go to different states every year. It'll probably be DECADES by the time they come back here. I forgot, I still had to open the box. It was probably a T-shirt or something that said..'Music Convention 2011' Hopefully it wasn't. I ran downstairs to get the scissors. I ran back up and cut open the box. My eyes flashed. I thought it was a dream..about what I saw. I took it out of the box and carefully layed it on my bed. I always loved the instrument, the harp. Cause it's so beautiful and plays peaceful music. I finally got my very own harp. It was very heavy, and I luckily got it out of the box without hitting it or breaking it. It was engraved on the bottom, 'From Mom and Dad. Music Covention 2011. December 1st- January 1st.' Wait a the letter mom and dad said they were coming back on December 4th..and the music convention ends on January 1st. I picked up the letter and saw, I misread something. It read, 'P.S. why we are coming back so early, is to pick you up to take you to the convention! Happy Early Christmas ;)' I shaked. I couldn't believe this. My dream has finally come true. I'M GOING TO THE MUSIC CONVENTION!!!!!
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