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counting stairs // clays blog daily

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Option1 counting stairs // clays blog daily

Post by cassieandriea on Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:58 pm

Theme song; 100 years - Five for Fighting
September 21 2012;
Topic; Chemotherapy
Title; Ceiling Dots and Cancer Shots

At 6am we were up and out the door to the Wimbledon. During the drive I didn't really do much, just kinda sat there, it wasn't far. I guess it was just another day going. Walking through the doors and going to the usual sign in area I saw one of the girls I'd met there my first time, Danella. We talked for a while until around 8 and then I went to my room to get my bag. It lasted close to 7 hours but it was fine, you could get up and walk around. The ceiling has all these multi - coloured cots and I decided to count them, only got to close to 350. A lot of people asked me how my chemotherapy was planned. We'll basically it was every Friday since March, which was only every 3rd Friday. But since June it's been long Friday, short Friday, week off, etc. It was a cycle. At around 5 we left. We went for dinner for the first time at Nandos, it was okay I guess, but I'm not really a chicken type of person. Cassandra loved it. Oh, I forgot. On the last day they gave me a little yellow envelope and told me not to open it until i was out of the building. Even though I'd only gone to that one for a month close, everyone was like family. Once at home, I opened the letter. Inside was a note written from my nurse and a gold coin necklace that had a zero on the front and a one on the back. In the letter she explained that she was at a little shop in Wales the week after she had met me and she thought about how the 0 would represent cancer an the 1 would represent me. She said I won. I guess I did. But maybe I didn't win, I just didn't give up.

Theme song; Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
September 27 2012;
Topic; Football & Jobs
Title; No pain is no gain

When we first moved here, all I was told is it was for my dad's job. Same to Cassandra and Chris. We weren't told what his job was. I knew it had nothing to do with the Navy, because even though my family's British and American, he said he'd never fight for anyone besides them. I did have a small idea of what his job was. I thought it was actually a lawyer. Wow, was I wrong. Today after coming home from school there was a call coming in at around 7, from his work. Being the nice girl I am, answered it. Big mistake. I honestly hate his job. It requires a lot of traveling in the summer and honestly, I don't really like traveling. Cassandra agrees. But on a lighter note, I made the football (soccer) team. I'm super happy. And I want to take up gymanstics too, I miss it. I miss home.

Theme song; New York State of Mind
September 28 2012;;
Topic; Holmes Chapel and Essex
Title; Winter Plans and off white vans

Well, it's Friday. And that means it time to load up the van and drive 3 hours to Holmes Chapel while my dad goes to Essex. In H.C we have a ton of family. Which is good, I guess. Cassandra and I spend time with our (girl) cousins who are 14 (Ezel Ray - Is el Rey-a, but Ezel for short) and 18 (Ridel - Rye-dell) while Chris goes to play football with the guys, even though we join them. This time is different though. Cole's family coming along. I know what you're thinking, ''You met them (his mum,him, and little sisters Lucy(4) and Darcy (8) a month ago''. See, our family is kind of those people where, everyday, something happens. Lucy, Darcy, and Cole are coming with us, while Cole's mum goes with my dad. No, their not dating. There work is the same. Today everyone was talking about winter plans and where their going. It sucks to hear how everyone's going to Florida or California and know that you're going wherever your dad's job tells him to go with who he works with. That's seriously annoying. I know my brothers going to see his girlfriend of close to 4 years now, in Juneau. But while everyone goes wherever my dad has promised he'd let us go to our last dance. He promised he'd rent his off white van for us. He promised that his job won't stand in the way of it. I can't say that he's promised he'd come watch. But that's okay. I guess.

Theme song; Chill Murray - Young Science
September 29 & 30 2012;
Topic; Bakeries and 20 questions
Title; Back when I was a boy said Uncle

Today started off with a hit. My cousin, Ridel who's 18 had to work today. She works at a little bakery so I decided to go with her, I can't resist pastries. It's been a slow day, only about 7 customers but that's fine. I ended up getting the ice cream job, scooping. We did make a cake though. Picture at end. She gets off work in about 10 minutes or so and were going to a little cafe to eat. I'm still full from last night ):. But I know I won't be able to write tomorrow so I'm going to do Sundays today. For school Sunday is topic day and this week is 'All about Me'. meaning write 10 facts about you. But before I do that, I do know tomorrow were going to be stayin at home and watching home videos, fun. Anyway 10 facts you may or may not know about me.
1. I'm very claustrophobic.
2. I hate public attention, which is why I do not like my fathers job.
3. Back home, my room was white walls with quotes in black paint everywhere.
4. I'm only 5 foot.
5. I get teased about my last name by almost every teacher.
6. My nickname since I was little has been Clay, it's kinda something from my mum.
7. I dance for an elite school dance team in Alaska, which ends in January.
8. I have a southern (Texas) and very faint British accent tied together. I lived in Texas for 4 years, born there. And England (Holmes Chapel where some family lives) for 2 before moving to Alaska when I was 7. I've lived in a few other places, but only for sort periods of time for my dad's Navy position.
9. My favorite quotes are, If you died tonight would you be happy with the person you've become? and You Gotta Wanna, by my 7th grade English teacher.
10. I'd love to be able to major in Journalism.

Our cake we made in the back office at Ridel's work;
(have to upload when home)

I also wanted to post some pictures from since we've been here, plane rides, the scenery, etc. & Some from back home;

counting stairs // clays blog daily 1jvu36
On top of the west wing of the school, I had to zoom in so much to see it.

counting stairs // clays blog daily 34nihjc
Sky from the airport in AK.

counting stairs // clays blog daily 68c1ll
Our last winter in AK.

And now for The plane ride to England, L.A, and the plane ride and all;

Will be uploaded monday.


counting stairs // clays blog daily Nn71ba

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