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words of luck. chapters 1-5.

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Option1 words of luck. chapters 1-5.

Post by cassieandriea on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:27 pm

*you're going to hear the word barrel a lot, it is what i grew up knowing as a sharp stick used for hunting.

chapter 1: where the dark light shines

in a cold town down in western indiana, children run and play. they attend school, make friends and life a perfectly happy life. but not for luck, grace, and dylan. they aren't your average children. since, dylan is the oldest, he cares for those girls. they care for him. the start of their story begins on a wednesday, down by a river. it's late, 7, maybe 8. and its dark. they are hunting for dinner, well, more like fighting. you see, they live in a not so lucky town. every week, they bring up what they find to the market, and trade it for essentials. but this wednesday night is different. and they didn't know that they'd be the ones to find them self in the middle of a page out of a scary movie, let alone one of them comes face to face with the suspect. who they'd later find out to be someone very close to them.

If you need a friend,
don't look to a stranger,
You know in the end,
I'll always be there.

'grace, don't go to far near the water, i can't be bringin' you back to your mamma all wet and muddy' dylan yells from up in the big oak tree that hangs over the lake. it's not tall, just big. luck is down below him, collecting berries from the bushes that surrond the tree. but grace, oh little grace. she's the youngest of them all and she's the most curious of them all. she just nods her head and continues to wade farther and farther out, being mesmerized by the moons shadow on the water that moves with every step she takes. luck just laughs, she's the middle child, quiet but yet so full of herself and she knows who tell things to. but not in a bad way, when she knows shes right, she'll stand for it. as the night goes on, they talk and laugh and throw the contents of their baskets around. but by 7:30, things change. as they unknowingly enjoy the last minutes of their innocent, pure, childhood. while everythings right in the world and calm, dylan senses something.

I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. (I promise)
I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. (I promise)
But if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me,
I promise, I promise you I will.

'grace get out of the water, now. luck, grab her basket, we got to make a run, now.' dyaln screams sensing whats coming. grace does as she's told and luck follows suit. their up and running in a matter of seconds, but their running straight into their death.

When your day is through,
and so is your temper,
You know what to do,
I'm gonna always be there.

dyaln grabs grace's hand and luck follows right behind, as they run, run far from that river. by the time they reach the main road, about 700 feet from the river, luck is screaming at dylan, asking whats wrong, and grace is clutching luck's side. 'i saw something, eyes. two cold yellow eyes, and then i saw a barrel, and it was pointed right at grace. when i yelled, it ran the other way, back in the bushes. but lets get home.' luck nods and grace is to young to understand what dylan means by barrel. she thinks it's a water barrel. oh sweet, innocent grace. as they continue to walk home, it's luck this time who senses it, grabbing grace and hitching her up to carry her, even at 12, she's only 67 pounds. light as a feather, but everyone is considering they can't eat. after a minute luck realizes who the only person who has yellow eyes is and something clicks, she hands grace to dyaln, telling her that she has to go, and swiftly turning and walking back to the river, but it's not a walk, it's more of a run, but not quite. dyaln shrugs it off, it's luck, she's always sure of everything , he thinks. but he was wrong. way wrong.

Sometimes if I shout,
it's not what's intended.
These words just come out,
with no gripe to bear.

luck is on her own now, she's picked it up from a walk, to a jog, to a run. she's knows who dylan is talking about, and she knows what she's going to say. as she rears right turning back to the oak, she see's him, sitting up high in the tree, with a knife and barrel in hand. sharping it, until its the perfect density and perfect point. she waits. 'you know, if you're going to keep coming here, please do it without the barrel and without scaring grace. she's young you know, so young.' luck whispers, but it's loud enough in the night to be taken as a yell. the figure in the tree's head shoots towards her, it jumps down and plants it's two feet right in from of luck's small frame.

I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. (I promise)
I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. (I promise)
But if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me,
I promise, I promise you...

'and you know that you kids shouldn't be coming by here after dark, doesn't your parents teach you those things, or wait, are you the girl up at the top of the road with no parents, just that boy who isn't even 18 yet.' it spits at her. luck cringes but she's not the type of girl to flight, she's a fighter. 'yeah, maybe, but whats that have to do with anything, at least i can take care of myself enough.' she says, hoping, thinking, he'd take it as a statement. but he doesn't, he takes it as a joke. the figure reaches out and grabs luck's wrist, pulling her so that she's now eye level with it. 'you listen up child, i didn't mean to scare anyone by sitting over there with my barrel, i need to talk to you. it's about your uncle, jackson hall.' the figures voice is softer this time, but still demanding, not a good soft, it's a soft that luck recognizes as a scared to get caught voice. it continues, 'your uncle, he's been a bad boy' the figures takes a moment to laugh sharply before continuing. 'and now, he's in some trouble with the law, he missed his court date, and now he's running. they set up cars all over town, looking for him. no find yet.' luck processes the information, not sure of why the figure would tell her this. so she lets her mind speak. 'yeah, he always has been, but why are you telling a 13 year old this, what does it have to do with me.' the figure rolls their eyes, the only way luck can tell is by the orbs that are glowing yellow move positions for a split second. 'because child, if they don't find him, their coming after his brother, who happens to be your daddy, but since your daddy ain't around no more, their going to be coming for you. and you know what that means.' and with that, the figure released her wrist an turned to walk away, calling over it's shoulder 'and just so you know, their coming for your friends too.' and it's gone into the night. luck is scared, but she still doesn't understand why they'd come after her daddy, who's dead. but then it hits her, her daddy and her uncle were partners in the mine explosion, and since daddy isn't around anymore, daughter must know something, and since daughters got a big mouth, friends know it too. which means one thing, unless uncles dead, daughter and friends are going to lose everything, and by everything, that doesn't mean their lives. it means grace.

end of chapter one.

an; you can't guess the movie yet, but just to clear a few things up, no there will not be anything graphic. and by her uncle and daddy be partners in the mine explosion, it means they ran the same business, which was coal mining, and someone was hurt in the mine and the two of them took off running, because they would of be responsible.
an2; this takes place in 1946, and keep in mind for future chapters, they are very poor (what im trying to make the image is, is the beginning of the hunger games, where everyone in district 12 live.s that's what it looks like.)
an3; i know the first chapter was kind of dark but i promise it will be better to understand.
an4; no, they (luck and the figure) are not mad at each other, they have just had a hard life, so no one really smiles that much.


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Option1 Re: words of luck. chapters 1-5.

Post by StacyღNarnia on Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:57 pm

omgg Ibereadingthis<3 Omgorgelinodeqq( umm random words:DD)

this is so amazinqq

keep on writinq
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Option1 Re: words of luck. chapters 1-5.

Post by Joel' on Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:59 pm

That is so awesome! Please post more :3
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Option1 Re: words of luck. chapters 1-5.

Post by Adalia on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:18 pm

Okay, by-far of all the stories I have recently read, this is amazing. Good plot, unique theme/story, I haven't seen one like it before. It's not unrealistic either, seems like something my friends and I could do. I'm looking forward to reading more of this.
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Option1 Re: words of luck. chapters 1-5.

Post by PumaEdenBlue9 on Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:34 pm

This is amazinggg

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Option1 Re: words of luck. chapters 1-5.

Post by Sponsored content

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