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    america, take it easy // short story summary

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    Option1 america, take it easy // short story summary

    Post by cassieandriea on Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:10 pm

    // this is a short story that i came up with for my creative writing class, this is just like a summary but i will post the whole story either this sunday, august 25th, or next saturday, august 31st. this story is based off of the song 'america' by imagine dragons. some themes may be hard to understand and it as well encompasses character death. based loosely off of real life events. summary and preview are in lower case but story is in caps and lower. all places such as schools, roads, and hospitals are made up. i do not own any store. (includes sones such as, america, look how far we've come, yellow, concrete angel,charlie brown, home and demons.) //


    alyssa parker, bailey kind, and bea hansen's fathers all died on the same day and time. and they don't know it, but all for the same reason, lung cancer. in present day, each girl walks the halls of barry mount high school carrying the burden of death on their shoulders. they keep to themselves and try to cope with their worlds falling down around them. but do know, these girls are not strangers, they all know one another just not very well. they all participate in the school marching band, which leads to their more ''formal'' meeting. it's not until precisely one year after the deaths that the girls realize just how alike they are. after, they're glue. others in the band wonder what happened to bring the girls together. as each girl finds hope, love, friendship and memories they never wanted to relive they begin to come to terms with what happened. it's not going to be easy, but they have each other. will alyssa finally realize that it's not her fault? will bailey learn that her mothers not who she says she is? and will bea ever escape the house that her father died in and her new step father now roams? but most of all, will they ever be okay again?

    Rise to the top of the world, America
    America, don't you cry
    Lift me up
    Give me strength to press on
    Rise to the top of the world, America
    America, don't you cry
    Lift me up
    Give me strength to press on


    america, take it easy // short story summary  Nn71ba

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    Option1 Re: america, take it easy // short story summary

    Post by maybear2☆9 on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:21 pm

    A+++ Wow, that was really great, now i want to take creative writing class... i know this is couple days old but i hope u post the whole writing someday somewhere, so yeah. i think this was great.
    america, take it easy // short story summary  2466222028
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