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"We Day" and "Me to We Committee"

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Option1 "We Day" and "Me to We Committee"

Post by gabi on Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:27 am

Before Reading

This is something to be taken seriously, if you can relate to bullying/abuse/or any bad situations you or a friend had no control of and couldn't get help feel free to read. I felt this is a serious and important topic and put in the Announcement category

We Day
(Free The Children)

What is "We Day" ?

We day is a day of complete silence for those who are abused, bullied, and going through child labour everyday and can't stand up for themselves or don't have a voice to speak for themselves.

Why is "We Day" so important?

Every hour thousand of children and taking their own lives away, dying from malnourishment or sickness, and abuse. "We Day" is everyday, but every year on September 28th there are events in the following cities:
Waterloo Region

Why should I take part in this?

They are always taking volunteers for the me to we committee, maybe even tell your teachers about it so your whole school can take part in it. This should be world wide and that's why I decided to post it here because just one boy started all this and it is still developing into something even bigger and you can help us.

I am a part of this movement, and I think we can make this even bigger with the help of my friends on here, this is not only coming from a victim of bullying but a person who saved others from further child abuse and child labour from this movement.

if you have further questions about "We Day" or "Me to We" feel free to PM me or search it on a web browser.

All thoughts and time spent on this post are appreciated very much. Thank you.

sorry if this was in the wrong category, if so please move it thanks again!


"We Day" and "Me to We Committee" Tumblr11

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