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Bethdany's Blog (1 & 2) ★

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Option1 Bethdany's Blog (1 & 2) ★

Post by Bethany★ on Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:28 pm

Hey guys,
This is my first blog on BP. Actually there's 2 blogs so I hope you enjoy them.
-- Clears throat --

7th July 2012, First day of Bearville, BP & CHH. Annoying thing is, I'm not aloud to get a build a bear until Christmas, according to my mum & dad. No fair... X_X
Rubbish thing on CHH I was on a losing team, again... Yup, you guess it. It's Team MiguelSunshine. I was totally not happy... X_X
I'm always on a losing team. It's like bad luck for me. Anyways, until I was reading The BP Times. It really helped me with my CHH attitude & spirit! Thanks Newsteam & Glo, you really helped me Btw great issue! o3o

8th July 2012, Not really much happened, I was basically on Bearville all day. Nothing to do. Plus the CHH challanges were kinda hard. Especially me not having a furry friend. >_<
Soooo I was basically making trades with some random people which actually work and I think I got an rare item. I actually idk if it is rare. I'm bad at telling which items are rare or not :/
-- Taping on my head --
-- Thinking -- What else?? AHA! Now I remember. There is one build a bear I want to get but It depends how much money I have for me to save up. You know that you can make your own Sid & Scrat from Ice Age 4, well I want to get Sid. Bethdany's Blog (1 & 2) ★ Erkjer
Ikr. It would sooo cool if I got him. Problem is I think he's only limted edition so he would be gone by Christmas. Unless I get it from Ebay XD.
Sooooooooooo yeah, that were my blogs. -- Clears throat -- So, Ummm... Bye! >_<
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Option1 Re: Bethdany's Blog (1 & 2) ★

Post by maybear2☆9 on Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:08 pm

lol, nice start. :)
maybe by the end of the month, ur team will be first or second Razz
and i want sid too, it looks strange to me, but i still like it.
its great that u joined and yeah.
nice start, beth.
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Option1 Re: Bethdany's Blog (1 & 2) ★

Post by StacyღNarnia on Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:23 pm

oh ok well what's the rare item
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Option1 Re: Bethdany's Blog (1 & 2) ★

Post by ♥BlueRainbow on Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:44 am

Nice blog. christmas is soon. ;3
Time goes by fast, so you'll get a furry friend.
And i'm in team miguel too. -_-
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Option1 Re: Bethdany's Blog (1 & 2) ★

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