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PartOfMe x Bri

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Option1 PartOfMe x Bri

Post by peach rays bri on Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:16 am

welcome. o.o
did yhu kno theres a law that u have to know how to put ur contacts in and out by urself? o.o you may say 'hey, thats easyy.' not for me /: urghh. at least i got zaxbys today..because tim broke my glasses. -.- anyways today was a fail attempt at getting my contacts. [:
today has been very boring..what with blue trying to get my christmas present and all..disagreeing about prices. yeah, bored...lolol.
*Virtual Worlds*
Im LOVING this virtual world atm..they have a ton of cool stuff coming out & OMG :OO ADVENTURE TIME FURNITURE?? :DD

Obsessed with fashion & fashion blogs and...yeah, lol. I made a really cool icon today, what do you think? IMO, it looks like shes running. I luhhv her dress.

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PartOfMe x Bri 2pq3yw2
[17:16:36] @ clay : 'hey what geneder are you
[22:22:29] Bluerocksforever1 : i don't like the color blue anymore
[21:35:44] @ Izzy<3 : whats your off
[21:35:46] @ Izzy<3 : * offer
[21:35:57] @ rbi : eternal love from me
[17:34:32] @ rbi : shut up annie
[23:34:33] @ Gabi : swiggity swag
[23:34:35] @ Gabi : whats in the
[23:34:38] @ Gabi : ....
[23:34:39] @ Gabi : vag
[23:43:57] @ Gabi : every1 left my garden
[23:44:03] @ Gabi : is it bc u all like being naked

liz is my favoriteist person ever
peach rays bri
peach rays bri
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Administrator / Owner

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Option1 Re: PartOfMe x Bri

Post by Zion on Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:56 am

2 Things:your blawg is not a fail.
who is tim?
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Option1 Re: PartOfMe x Bri

Post by ForeverRain on Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:01 pm

haaa cool. my one friend has contacts-
i can't even tell.. but my other friend has one in 1 eye,
and i can see the circle around it Razz
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Option1 Re: PartOfMe x Bri

Post by ♥BlueRainbow on Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:40 pm

Well, I still think I'me right about the price. LOL.
Nicee blog! Can't wait for the next entry. :3
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Event Planner

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Option1 Re: PartOfMe x Bri

Post by Sponsored content

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