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Take Care Ch. 1

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Option1 Take Care Ch. 1

Post by RachelGoesRAWRツ on Fri May 04, 2012 5:10 pm

Take Care...Chapter 1
BOOM! I busted the door open with a small punch. I dropped my backpack on the floor so hard, it made a small earthquake in our house. I don't care if I was made fun of or not when I ran home with tears in my eyes and my makeup running down my face. This reaction of mine, is what you would not expect from a girl when someone has a breakup. But the man I was dating, was my only hope. I ran to my room and slammed the door shut. Instead of ruining my sheets with makeup, I quickly got on the computer. I got on my email and started sending all my friends the horrible news. I then looked at the chat box on the side, and this made me scream. My old boyfriend was online. I wanted to click his name so much, but I couldn't. I wanted to tell him I miss him so much. I just couldn't. But what made me feel a little better, was that he invited me to chat. I screamed. I pressed accept and noticed it was a group chat. He invited me, and some other girl named Delilah. I didn't type anything. I was too scared. He then put, "Hi" I put a small and quiet "Hello" back. Then this Delilah girl put, "How's my 6pack, hot stuff, cute guy, hunka hunka, tan and awesome boyfriend!?" When I finished reading her message I almost fell out of the chair I was sitting in. I was scared to see what he would put back. Was Delilah his new boyfriend? He then put, "Great thanks. But..can you keep that to yourself please? My ex-girlfriend is chatting with us." I am furious now. Ex!? So I am gone for good!? I started to cry. Really really hard. I couldn't believe my eyes. I just wanted to tell Delilah to back off. But I couldn't. Because he was the one who broke up with me. He would never take me back. Never. I heard my door open. I turned away. Because I didn't want whoever it is to see me with tears in my eyes and black mascara all over my face. "Honey..." the stranger said. "Go away." I said in my best non-teary accent. "I just wanted to say, I love you." I turned around. "Wh-what?" I was hallucinating. I could see my old boyfriend standing at my door. It couldn't be. I knew I was hallucinating. I felt footsteps walk across my room to where I was sitting. I felt someone breathing on me. Before anything could continue, I heard this robotic sound. Something like an alarm clock. But..I figured it was my alarm clock. I was in my bed and not my computer chair. I was confused. I looked at the time to see if it was dinner time, but it said 8:00am. Now i'm really confused. I got up and started walking toward my bathroom to clean up my face. I looked in the mirror, and my face was makeup free. I started to panic. I went to my computer to see if anyone has emailed me back about the horrible news, but in the inbox I found my boyfriend's name, Jared. I clicked on his email he sent me. The email read;"We still good for pizza tonight? Meet me at Upper Crust on Classen Curve. I heard its delicious (: I can't want for our 7th date to tonight! Love you, -Jared" I literally then fainted. I couldn't believe anything I just saw. It was all a dream.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2. Hoped you liked Chapter 1.
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Option1 Re: Take Care Ch. 1

Post by Jeanna on Sat May 05, 2012 6:23 pm

delilah was his new girlfriend right? (aha you put boyfriend o-o)
ooo.. thats an interesting beginning :DD a dream at first.. wow~ i'm really interested in dreams and all and it might indicate she's afraid of losing him ;) hah but i really wanna hear more from you rachel!!! amazing first chapter :D!
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Option1 Re: Take Care Ch. 1

Post by Adalia on Sat May 12, 2012 10:04 pm

This is beautifully written. I hope you continue on to the next chapter, I'm looking forward to it.
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Option1 Re: Take Care Ch. 1

Post by peach rays bri on Sat May 12, 2012 10:35 pm

this is cool!(: nice first chapter, unique. Please write more!


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Option1 Re: Take Care Ch. 1

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