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The Heartfields! Family RP

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Option1 The Heartfields! Family RP

Post by Sarafina Heartfield on Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:23 pm


Sabastian Henley Heartfield-Dad-44-
Suzanne Elizabeth Heartfield-Mom-44-
Savannah Marie Heartfield-Daughter-Married to Damion Jackson-26-
Shiloh Mark Heartfield-Son-Married to Vanessa Gracington Heartfield-25-
Stephanie Jenine Heartfield-Daughter-Engaged to Mykel Darling-24-
Stephen Jacob Heartfield-Son-Engaged to Grace Love Hewitt-23
Sandra Peyton Heartfield-Daughter-Engaged to Lukas Merrington-22-Sarafina Heartfield
Sabastion Henley Heartfield Jr.-Son-Dating California Weston-21-
Sasha Faith Heartfield-Daughter-20-
Simon Fredward Heartfield-Son-19-
Stacey Alison Heartfield-Daughter-18-
Sawyer Andrew Heartfield-Son-Dating Mackenzie Smith-17-
Sarafina Marie Elizabeth Jenine Heartfield-Daughter-Shannon's twin-16-Sarafina Heartfield
Shannon Nicole Hayley Grace Heartfield-Daughter-Sarafina's twin-16-
Spencer Markus Elijah Joseph Heartfield-Son-15-
Selena Charity Heartfield-Daughter-14-
Shane Carter Heartfield-Son-13-
Sabrina Hannah Heartfield-Daughter-12-
Seamus Mack Heartfield-Son-11-
Summer Harley Heartfield-Daughter-10-
Sirius Hayden Heartfield-Son-9-
Sophia Leigh Heartfield-Daughter-8-
Simon Lionel Heartfield-Son-7-
Sapphire Jasmine Heartfield-Daughter-6-
Sterling Jackson Heartfield-Son-5-
Samantha Joy Heartfield-Daughter-4-
Samuel Jay Heartfield-Son-3-
Stella Mae Heartfield-Daughter-2-
Hayden Henley Jackson-Savannah's Son-5-
Holly Hope Jackson-Savannah's Daughter-4-Sarafina Heartfield
Justin Jaymes Heartfield-Shiloh's Son-3-
Jessica Juliet Heartfield-Shiloh's Daughter-2-

Damion Jackson-Son-in-law-Married to Savannah Marie Heartfield-27-
Vanessa Heartfield-Daughter-in-law-Married to Shiloh Mark Heartfield-24-
Mykel Jaymes Darling-Future Son-in-law-Engaged to Stephanie Jenine Heartfield-23-Sarafina Heartfield
Grace Love Hewitt-Future Daughter-in-law-Engaged to Stephen Jacob Heartfield-22-
Lukas Merrington-Future Son-in-law-Engaged to Sandra Peyton Heartfield-21-
California Iris Weston-Dating Sabastion Henley Heartfield Jr.-20-
Mackenzie Rose Smith-Dating Sawyer Andrew Heartfield-17-Sarafina Heartfield
Mckenna Lily Smith-Mackenzie's identical twin sister, Sarafina's best friend-17-

Plot- One great big crazy family! With upcoming weddings, school being out for Christmas Break, Sawyer always having his girlfriend over, Sarafina being all out rebellious, 25 kids, 4 grandkids, two kid in laws, 3 fiances, 2 girlfriends, a ton of friends, and only 2 parents...How will Christmas go?

You can make up your own friends as well.



My Charries:

Name: Sandra Peyton Heartfield
Nickname: Sandy or Peyton
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Crush: Lukas Merrington
BF/GF: Lukas Merrington
Fiance: Lukas Merrington
Husband/Wife: Not yet
Siblings: 24 siblings
Kids: Not yet
Job: I'm in my last year of college but I'll be a teacher for 11th graders next year.
Personality: Caring, Smart, Strong hearted, Determined, Loving, Flirty, Witty, Disciplined
Looks: My Avatar!

Name: Sarafina Marie Elizabeth Jenine Heartfield
Nickname: Sara, Nina, Princess
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Crush: Not yet
BF/GF: Not yet
Fiance: No
Husband/Wife: No
Siblings: 24
Kids: No
Job: I work part time at Starbucks
Personality: Quiet, hard working, determined, dreamer

Name: Holly Hope Jackson
Nickname: Hope
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Crush: No
Fiance: No
Husband/Wife: No
Siblings: Hayden
Kids: No
Job: No
Personality: Outgoing, Bubbly, Energetic, Giggly, Talkative, Friendly

Name: Mackenzie Rose Smith
Nickname: Kenzie, Rose, Rosie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Crush: Sawyer
BF/GF: Sawyer
Fiance: No
Husband/Wife: No
Siblings: Mckenna Smith(Identical twin)
Kids: No
Job: Part time at Tropical Smoothie
Personality: Outgoing, Bubbly, Flirty, Energetic,, Fun, popular

Name: Mykel jaymes Darling
Nickname: Myke
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Crush: Stephanie Jenine Heartfield
BF/GF: Stephanie Jenine Heartfield
Fiance: Stephanie Jenine Heartfield
Husband/Wife: Not yet
Siblings: No
Kids: No
Job: Darling Automobile Workshop
Personality: Hard working, determined, Strong, Smart, Entertaining, Caring
Sarafina Heartfield
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