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bestbabfan's trading post NOW OPEN

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Option5 bestbabfan's trading post NOW OPEN

Post by bestbabfan on Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:04 pm

BestBABFan's trading post
time zone: eastern standard time
babv name: abbecapricorn78

Items I offer:

BVOs( old and new)

satin metallic shoes( dark pink)
farsile sweater outfit(light pink)
embrodired capri outfit PANTS ONLY(default pink)
rossette capri outfit(mediumish blue)
stars and stripes swimsuit(default blue)
buffalo plaid outfit(purple)
sequin tank(pink)
sparkle denim outfit(dark pink)
rockin' outfit(light blue)
lepoard purse(light brown)
pastel ear bows(light pink)
rose bouquet(red)

Pawlette and bear stuff

2 pink floral halters
pink ruffle front top
cowboy boots
pink cuffed capris
pink flamingo tank
purple beret
pink plaid bow skirt
white rainbow tennis shoes
red stripe skirt
pink tennis shoes
pink sweater jacket
pink round sunglasses
dark pink peace sign purse
green checkered scarf
round rug


High school musical shirt
yellow dog bed
plant(koala psi)
bubblegum ice cream truck(ride)


Polka dot shirt
Fuzzy crocs(default blue)
NGK zebra jacket
fountain prizes
bear head ballon bouquet
blue visor
beach bag
blue guitar
guitar lamp
yellow star hat
peace sign hat
shamrock hat

Items i want

grand tiara
most things that are PINK!

offer anything, i might accept! (:

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Option5 Re: bestbabfan's trading post NOW OPEN

Post by Mikayla on Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:30 am

Due to not active.
PM me to open it back up if you want. <3


Ily all.
ily :
[04:30:11] @ Liz : When I was little i put my friends lizard down my brothers pants
[04:30:24] @ Liz : don't try this at home
[00:45:27] @ Gabi : mr cow how is u
[01:27:06] @ clay : im so ugly compared to everyone
[01:27:20] @ clay : omg dont look at me
[01:27:29] @ clay : shield your eyes
[01:27:33] * Liz looks at clay
[01:27:39] @ Liz : ew
[22:43:57] @ Gabi : every1 left my garden
[22:44:03] @ Gabi : is it bc u all like being naked
[20:38:14] @ rbi : i just spanked myself to see if it would hurt
[20:38:16] @ rbi : it did
[15:03:15] @ peasant #1 : GABI OMG
[15:03:16] @ prince gabi : ay
[15:03:18] @ peasant #1 : MY LOVE
[15:03:20] @ prince gabi : MIK OMG
[15:03:24] @ prince gabi : MY BOO
[19:51:55] @ prince gabi : mY BOOTY NEED SOME SCRUBBIN OK
[21:47:03] @ gabi : im ded
[21:47:10] @ gabi : GIRL U HOT
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