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Jenni's Trading Center! <3 *UNDER-CONSTRUCTION!*

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Option1 Jenni's Trading Center! <3 *UNDER-CONSTRUCTION!*

Post by MeBeJennifer;3 on Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:42 pm

My BABV Username:{ PrincessFluffy74
My Timezone:{ Eastern/EST- AKA. Babv Time
Status:{ CLOSED-UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Do not post 'till I'm done!
Last Update:{ Unknown :3

Items I offer:
Old BVO Items:
~Embroided Flower Tops *EFT*: { Coral, Pastel Purple, Turquoise, Purple, Magenta, Yellow, Black }
~Dance Star Hoodies *DST*: { Deep Magenta, Baby Blue, Pastel Purple, Turquoise, Bright Green }
~Flower Power Tank Tops *FPTT*: { Red, Purple, Extremely Light Blue }
~Patriotic Princess Skirts: { Purple, Red, Black }
~Floral Capri Outfit Bottoms/Butterfly Shorts: { Hot Pink, Cyan, Pastel Purple, Black }
~Bow Ballet Flats: { Red }
~Fuzzy Clogs: { Red, Black }
~Sequin Fairy Dress: { Deep Maroon }
~Satin Holiday Dress: { Deep Purple }
~Holly Moose Coats: { Orange, Bright Purple }
~Sequin Tanks: { Pastel Yellow, Deep Blue }

~Zebra Print Purse: { Magenta }

Pawlette + Bear Stuff Items:


Other special items:

Items I am looking for:
BVO Items:

Pawlette + Bear Stuff Items:


Other special items:
Administrator / Owner
Administrator / Owner

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Option1 Re: Jenni's Trading Center! <3 *UNDER-CONSTRUCTION!*

Post by bellabearyloved262 on Sun May 06, 2012 1:19 pm

can i have the Flower Power Tank Top of extremely light blue for a rhinestone dress?
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