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About Sophia

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Option1 About Sophia

Post by Sophia♥ on Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:39 pm

1.My real name is,Toni
2.My brothers are 9 months older than me and there twins,-__- we fight alot but I love them the world!♥️♥️
3.Justin Bieber is just gorgeous <33
4.Harry Styles,hes just amazing and gorgeous,love him <3
5.The Kardashians are fab,I love them.If you don't like them then thats your opinion,you're opinion doesn't effect mine
6.My favourite colour is purple
7.I love,YOU <33
8.My favourite quotes are,Always be yourself and Not everyone is good at everything but someone is good at something
9.A quote I made up,If you think you're a fail then you're not,you are born for a reason and,you may not realise how much happiness you bring into someones life.(I just thought of them then Razz)
10.No matter how much I argue with my brothers,I don't care.I loveee themm ;DD (we fight alot)
11.When I was in primary/elementry,I wouldn't be able to wake up for school but now I can because I'm not in primary/elementry,anymore.I acutally get up like,2 hours earlier to apply makeup and stuff Razz
12.I love mascara and eyeliner
13.My birthday is on,13th may
14.Cher Lloyd is fab!♥️♥️
15.You,want to know who is amazing,then read the first word
16.I live in the UK and no I'm not posh,i'm far from posh,i'm scouse
17.My favourite songs:Whos laughing now,What makes you beautiful,All time low and I'm glad you came
18.My favourite shops:New Look,Top Shop,Warehouse and Oasis
19.One direction! <33
20.I love my blackberry and my laptop,(I love my ipad but I don't really use it now)
21.I've changed,my own brothers said that and there used to me
22.My computer number is 22 in school (it's nothing personal,just the number computer I use Razz)
23.My school has a very interesting past
24.I wear my hair out or a donut bun in my hair for school
25.I get the train/subway to school
26.I seen One Direction in concert,Harry Styles was amazing,love them all!♥️♥️
27.I seen Justin Bieber in concert,I wanted to be his,"One Less Lonely Girl"
28.My best friends are:
Abigail,Ellis,Beth,Grace,Nina,Emma,Sophie,Ria,I have other friends but they are my best friends!<33
29.I can't make good graphics Razz
30.My favourite food is curry
31.My best friends on here are:
everyone ;DD
32.Worst subject in school is,French
33.I'm so sad because,my form is getting put into different classes with different teachers,and yes,I have to leave my friends and not be in the same classes as them and my science teacher won't teach me,anymore (probably) shes amazing D:
34.Tip:Never try to apply mascara and eyeliner at the same time
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Option1 Re: About Sophia

Post by EmilyThaMaster:O on Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:37 pm

Cool I learned a lot about you Sophia! [:
You have a very unique name! I like it! :3
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