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About Chantelle (:

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Option1 About Chantelle (:

Post by Chantelle on Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:01 pm

1. My real name is Chloe (:
2.People know me, as a crazy, spazzy person Razz
3.The Last thing i ate wush Toast with butter. :3
4.I love tlking about Clothes, :oo
5.The Jobs on BP, are GA (:
6.I LOVE The Color Purple
7. I LOVE Justin Bieber and Drake. (:
8.I eat alot but, my friends say i don't gain weight Razz
9.I Live in a pineapple under da sea, "(:"
10.If you bite me, i'll bite you 10 times harder xD
11.One of my favorite drinkies are Grape Crush, Yummyness.
12.I listen to Kanye and Jay Z's combo's, = Swag (:
13.Favorite animal are Unicorns. :3
14.I love to sing ;]
15.The Best subject in school ish, P.E and History :DD
16.Worst is math *Yuh huh*
17.I like to cook ;]
18.For Summer Vacation I went to NY!! *THey got swag dudess* and Montreal (:
19. I hate people who show off, seriously back off Razz
20. Online Friends-EVERYONE HERE <3
21.I love track, :3
22.I know you love me, :DD
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BP Moderator

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Option1 Re: About Chantelle (:

Post by Kasey(: on Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:11 pm

I do love you! lol Razz
Anddd cool things to know about you xD
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Option1 Re: About Chantelle (:

Post by peach rays bri on Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:51 pm



[17:16:36] @ clay : 'hey what geneder are you
[22:22:29] Bluerocksforever1 : i don't like the color blue anymore
[21:35:44] @ Izzy<3 : whats your off
[21:35:46] @ Izzy<3 : * offer
[21:35:57] @ rbi : eternal love from me
[17:34:32] @ rbi : shut up annie
[23:34:33] @ Gabi : swiggity swag
[23:34:35] @ Gabi : whats in the
[23:34:38] @ Gabi : ....
[23:34:39] @ Gabi : vag
[23:43:57] @ Gabi : every1 left my garden
[23:44:03] @ Gabi : is it bc u all like being naked

liz is my favoriteist person ever
peach rays bri
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Administrator / Owner

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Option1 Re: About Chantelle (:

Post by ForeverRain on Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:12 pm

We have a lot in common Razz
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Option1 Re: About Chantelle (:

Post by HannahLoveable on Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:30 pm

We have a lil' bit in common :D
Thanks for sharing;)<3
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Chatbox Moderator

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Option1 Re: About Chantelle (:

Post by Sponsored content

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